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Garbage Commander – Garbage Can Hauling Hook

Garbage Commander - Garbage Can Hauling Hook

You love living out of the way and far off the road.

But you hate dragging the cans down that long driveway every week.

Sure you could get a wagon to haul them in, but you’d still have to get the cans in the and out of the wagon each week.

The Garbage Commander Garbage Can Hauling Hook will make the unpleasant job of hauling your cans up and down your driveway simple and easy. Simple to install around a standard 1-7/8″ or 2″ ball hitch. It hooks around and is fastened to the ball hitch by a 3/8 pin.  Garbage hooks are specially designed to hold the handle of today’s wheeled garbage bins.

Heavy-duty construction using 1/8″ steel that is laser cut and formed for consistent quality. Parts are then powder coated in a matte black finish for a durable finish. Designed for either 64 and 96 gal garbage totes.

Get the hook. Take the trash up the driveway. It’s called a garbage can. Not a garbage cannot.

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