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GearWrench – Original Ratcheting Wrenches

GearWrench 20 piece

Living on acreage requires equipment.

And tires or not, it will give you trouble and you will need to work on it.

That cheap toolset you got when you graduated college isn’t going to cut it anymore.

Save yourself time and hassle. Upgrade to the GearWrench Ratcheting Combination Wrench Set.

The ratcheting box end is designed to work with as little as 5° of motion versus 30° for standard wrenches, which means you can fix the mower faster.  The ratcheting box end features off-corner loading for a better grip on the fastener and reduces fastener rounding.

GearWrench’s pass-thru technology works on any length of threaded rod or long bolts unlike a socket wrench. The size is stamped on both ends of the beam for quick identification and less fishing around the toolbox. They’re made from strong alloy steel with a bright, full polish finish.

This 20-piece set includes metric for your new equipment and SAE for the old stuff.

“I’ve had a set of these for over 20 years. Still the first thing I grab when needing to wrench on something. Also a go-to gift for any guy.” – Craig

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