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Gecko’s Toes – Water Hose Rack

Gecko Toes

A hose reel isn’t always the best hose storage option.

When you need to store 100′ or less of hose in a tight spot, the hose reel can be too big and bulky

Yet you still need a way to take out the length of hose you need simply and easily.

Gecko’s toes Water Hose Rack is easy to mount and takes up almost no space. Allows you to easily use the exact amount of hose you need without tangles. Made out of rigid plastic, the Gecko’s Toes holds over 100′ of hose and can be unraveled quickly. With no moving parts to wear out and no parts to leak or jam, it is easy to coil and uncoil the exact amount of hose needed for your watering needs.

The only thing worse than a tangled garden hose is a tangled extension cord.

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