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Generac – 3100 E- Start Power Washer

Generac 3110 Estart

Now that you are accumulating equipment and have a bigger property to take care of, you need a way to clean it all effectively.

Keeping things clean makes them last longer, makes repairs easier and improves resale.

Whether you’re washing the lawn tractor or refreshing the appearance of your deck and patio, a pressure washer will take hours off of any messy cleanup job.

The Generac 7132 3100 PSI features a powerful Generac OHV engine with electric start. It’s one-touch push-button start and auto choke provides easier starts
to simplify the starting process and simplify operation. The 3100 PSI unit also features an easy-to-access detergent tank and for enhanced cleaning results.

To apply the right amount of pressure for cleaning each unique surface, Generac’s PowerDial™ spray gun conveniently places the ability to switch between four application settings at your fingertips. So you don’t take the paint off your equipment.

Could also double as a bidet if this toilet paper shortage becomes a real thing….

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