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Gladiator – 3/4 Wall GearBox Cabinet

Gladiator - 3/4 Wall GearBox Cabinet

You can spend a lifetime waiting to buy used cabinets for your shop. 

Or you could get on with your life, buy cabinets, get organized, and get something accomplished.

The 3/4 Wall GearBox is ideal for storing smaller automotive supplies, gardening gear, and tools. This Gladiator cabinet gives you shelves and cabinets; keeping things secure behind doors, and providing open access. With a total weight capacity of 150 lbs and 40 lbs per shelf, you can easily store everything. 


The lower shelf and upper cabinet provide flexibility to have tools easily organized and accessible. Included brackets allow this storage cabinet to be repositioned on Gladiator Wall Systems to wherever you need it most. 

The steel cabinet panels offer excellent cabinet structure for years of lasting durability.

Or you could keep playing where did I leave it…

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