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Google – Virtual Tours

Google Virtual Tours

You’re not going anywhere for a while. And even with acres of land to occupy your time, a change of scenery is dearly needed.

More importantly, when the travel bans are lifted, where do you plan to go.

Having something to look forward to can take your mind off of being locked up.

Now’s a good time to start planning those trips. Start by virtually touring the locations you’ve always wanted to go to. With Google Arts & Culture you can virtually tour all the great world sites. From ancient ruins to museums, the Space Station, even Anne Frank’s home. Ok so maybe we don’t got it so bad.

Check out some of these cool sites.

Easter Island

Great Pyramids of Giza

Machu Pichiu

AG Pennypacker just got back from the mountains of Peru. He says Google Virtual Tours will help you know the real gritty gritty.

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