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Gorilla Carts – GOR10-16 Super Heavy Duty Poly Dump Cart

Gorilla Carts - GOR10-16 Super Heavy Duty Poly Dump Cart

When you live on an acreage there is always something to be hauled. Wood, gravel, dirt, plants, fertilizer, rocks, and more. Having a cart that you can pull by hand or by a lawnmower means you can get more done with less equipment.

The Gorilla Carts GOR10-16 Super Heavy-Duty Poly Dump Cart features an innovative, updated frame design that makes it quick and easy to assemble, and improves maneuverability and rigidity. The strong and durable poly bed has a 10 cu. ft., 1,500-lb. load capacity. The patented 2-in-1 convertible handle allows the cart to be towed behind a lawn tractor/ATV or pulled by hand. The exclusive dump feature allows the bed to tilt for easy unloading while keeping the cart balanced to prevent tipping.

The GOR10-16 is the largest in the Gorilla Carts line of dump carts.

“I’d give up my mower before my Gorilla Cart. I love this thing” -Craig

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