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Gorilla Grip – All-Purpose 16″ Tongs

Gorilla Grip - All-Purpose 16

It’s Memorial Day weekend and you are likely grilling today. You look down and you’re still using those old wood and metal tongs you got in that set a few years back that doesn’t really work well.

They don’t hold food securely and they can’t go in the dishwasher. Bin them and get these.

The Gorilla Grip All-Purpose 16″ Tongs featuring stainless steel scalloped edges. These tongs can grab nearly anything; from small shrimps to large pieces of meats like a Tomahawk steak and more. The tongs feature a slip-resistant, silicone grip that help you get the best grasp on your food. With an easy pull lock, the tongs easily become compact when you pull the lock-up to fit seamlessly in most drawers for easy storage and in the dishwasher. Constructed from durable and sturdy stainless steel, the tongs can withstand high temperatures of up to 484 degrees so you can grab food from pans, ovens, or grills

Comes in shorter sizes and other colors as well!

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