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Grinds – Coffee Pouches


Real men dip, right?

Nothing feels more manly than pausing for a moment during some masculine, outdoor task to take a breath, pack that can of tobacco, pinch a dip and tuck it into your cheek.

Except that it will not only kill you in the end but also create a helluva conflict with the spouse when she inevitably finds that can in your Carhartt pocket or tucked under some old box in the garage.

But don’t sweat it. Grinds Tobaccoless Coffee Pouches aren’t exactly the same things biting a chaw off a plug while riding under the wild blue skies in a classic western movie. And you aren’t exactly Clint Eastwood.

Each Grinds pouch delivers nothing more than the caffeine equivalent of about a quarter of a cup of coffee and a punch of flavor that lasts a long time. A variety of flavors means that you can mix it up or find your favorite and buy a whole log…just like tobacco. 

More than anything it gives you that oral fixation fix you are really craving most. So be a real MODERN man. Preserve your health and enjoy your vice.

If it makes you feel better, you can still hide the can from your wife.

“Those things are seriously f@cking awesome, I’m partial to mint and cinnamon. Highly recommend.” – Austin

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