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Ground Master – Deckkeeper

Ground Master - Deckkeeper

Nothing brings an acreage neighborhood together like exchanging patio furniture cushions after a summer storm.

But when it blows your new smoker of the deck, well it’s time to secure your equipment.

The Ground Master Deckkeepers are designed to fit between the spaces on your 1-inch deck flooring allowing you to use bungee cords to secure your belongs. These are perfect to keep your chairs from tumbling over on windy days or keeping plastic covers from blowing away.

Just slide the Deckkeeper between the deck boards and turn into the locking position…that’s it! Through the bungee around the frame and you’re finished! Use them to tie down outdoor lawn and garden furniture, plants, and trees. Secure grills and furniture covers. Comes ready to use in backs of 2, with bungees.

Keep your deck equipment where it’s supposed to be.

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