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GrowMax Water – Super Grow 800

GrowMax Water - Super Grow 800

Master Gardeners will tell you that if you want the best flowers and vegetables, you have to have clean pure water. But if you are on rural or city water then you likely have fluoride and chlorine in your water. And if you are on a well, you could have chemicals in your water. These contaminants can have a big impact on the growth of your garden.

The GrowMax Water Super Grow 800 high-capacity garden water filtration system eliminates up to 99% chlorine and contaminants in your garden water. Simply connect your hoses, and you are ready to grow! The MaxPur™ Sediment Filter removes sediment and other solids, extending the performance and life of the CleanGreen™ filter. The CleanGreen™ Carbon Block Filter significantly improves the water quality that your plants use to grow. Can also be plumbed into sprinkler or drip systems.

Comes with a free mounting stake if purchased in February 2022.

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