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Gunner – G1 Kennel

Gunner - G1 Kennel

From camping and hunting trips to the holidays, if your dog goes everywhere with you, what are you doing to protect them in case of an accident. The standard dog crate isn’t tough enough to protect your pet if you get into a vehicle accident.

The Gunner G1 Kennels is the only double-wall rotomolded crate on the market. It’s a heavy-duty dog crate yet light, but not lightweight. There are lighter to lift crates out there, however, the Gunner dog crate is the safest dog crate that you could possibly find. Gunner G1 Kennels are tested and proven to protect dogs in potentially life-or-death scenarios. The safest dog crate on the market is a few pounds heavier than your standard single-wall. But it will protect your dog should you have an accident while out on the road.

American made with a lifetime warranty.


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