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Hardy – Heat & Cut Resistant Kevlar Sleeves

Hardy - Heat & Cut Resistant Kevlar Sleeves

From clearing brush on your property to working on your more in your garage, you are guaranteed to get cuts and scrapes. While some people wear their owiees as a badge of honor, most would prefer not to get cuts.

The Hardy heat and cut-resistant Kevlar sleeves are made from 100% Dupont Kevlar. These sleeves help protect your arms from heat and abrasion. Perfect for use cutting brush, doing auto work, or welding. The sleeves provide protection from heat and abrasion, and the treated material helps repel liquids. The full coverage 17 in. length and snug-fitting material provide all-day comfort with most gloves. Protects against cuts with ANSI A3 cut resistance for safety and protection. A snug fit with an elastic wrist makes it comfortable to use with gloves. Machine washable.

Adults wearing bandages in public isn’t a great look. Get some sleeves.

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