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Haul-Master – Trucker’s Chain, 5/16 In. X 20 Ft. Grade 70

Haul-Master - Trucker's Chain, 5/16 In. X 20 Ft. Grade 70

From pulling tree stumps, dragging logs, and securing equipment, a log chain has tons of uses on acreage.

Sure you could use a strap but they rip and your load will fall off your trailer.

The Haul-Master Trucker’s Chain is a 5/16 In. X 20 Ft. Grade 70 tow chain. Use it to haul, bind and secure loads up to 4700 lb. The entire trucker’s chain is zinc plated to resist rust and is colored gold to meet California Highway Patrol requirements. Features include a grab hook at each end to ensure secure attachment.

Grade 70 is used for transport and securing loads and not rated for overhead lifting.

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