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Heininger – Hitchmate 4040 Black TireStep

Heininger - Hitchmate 4040 Black TireStep

Do you have a hard time reaching into your truck bed? Are you not able to reach the front window? If you are vertically challenged or have a big vehicle, a portable step can make all the difference.

The HitchMate TireStep is the perfect accessory for owners of midrange to large vehicles that need to gain quick, stable access to elevated spots on their vehicles. Designed primarily for SUVs, RVs, and light trucks. The sturdy metal TireStep slips over either front or rear tires adjusting to fit tires up to 12.5″ in width with a 22″ x 10″ step platform that adjusts to three separate heights. This step securely supports up to 400 lbs, allowing users easily reach spots on vehicles that were once out of reach without unstable ladders or stools. When not in use the unit folds away flat in its included soft storage bag which can be stored in your trunk, cab, hatch, or trailer.

The HitchMate TireStep is ready to use out of the box. Make a few quick size adjustments to fit your specific vehicle and you will be ready to step up on your TireStep in minutes.

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