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Helios – Blizzard Full-Bodied Dog Jacket

Helios - Blizzard Full-Bodied Dog Jacket

Would you want to go out in two feet of snow to do your business, let alone without a coat?

If your pooch refuses to go out in bad weather, maybe you just need the right gear.

The Helios Blizzard Full-Bodied Dog Jacket will withstand the harshest weather conditions possible. This is the premiere premium protective dog jacket whether you’re caught in a blizzard, hurricane, or rainstorm. The outer shell is double-waterproofed, windproof, breathable, tear-proof, and features 3M reflective piping for emergency visibility. The interior features a thick layer of extremely high-quality warm and thick anti-static fleece which is extremely breathable and offers a fantastic ventilation system. With adjustable straps by every leg and features auto-adjustable inner lining. Available in Multiple Colors and Sizes.

Perfect for High-Altitude Mountaineering or any extreme activities like taking the dog out in a hurricane or blizzard!

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