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Help – Live Events Industry

Help - Live Events Industry

We know you are missing live events. We are too.

But there is a group of people that misses them more.

And they are the people that work at the events.

The Live Events Industry – composed of more than 12 million workers and contributing roughly $1 trillion to the US economy – has been completely devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic, due to the necessary shutdown of operations.
Simply put, they need additional relief. With expected industry revenue loss between 60% to 80%, many businesses are facing permanent closure, and they’ve furloughed on average 85% of their workforce. 

Unfortunately, their plight goes even deeper than other hard-hit industries. No to-go orders. No curbside pickups. No mail-order. And they’re not just out of work for a few weeks… the majority of this country’s  Live Events Businesses have seen 90% or higher cancellation of bookings for March through September 2020.

Here is how you can help. Tap on the link below and your name to the petition to voice your support for providing additional relief to this sector.

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