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High Tech Pet – Automatic Power Pet Door

High Tech Pet - Automatic Power Pet Door

Pet doors are great for letting your cats and dogs come and go as they please. But with a standard flappy panel pet door, sooner or later you’ll have racoons moving in too.

High Tech Pet Automatic Power Pet Door provides just a superior level of convenience, security, and energy efficiency. Your pet wears the electronic collar and when it comes near the door, voila! Open sesame! Beyond the automatic motorized activation, the door has directional sensing, 4-way access control, AC or battery operation and auto safety retract (crucial!). Additionally, and the ability of the collar to operate other pet-activated devices. Unlike other electronic dog doors that claim to be automatic, the POWER PET door doesn’t just unlock when your pet approaches, it automatically opens under its own power.

Let your pet come and go while preventing unwanted animal friends from entering your home.

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