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Hobart – Handler 140 Flux-Cored/MIG Welder

Hobart - Handler 140 Flux-Cored/MIG Welder

From tackling equipment repairs to making lawn art, a welder is a great tool to have in your shop or garage. And if you are going to invest in a welder, go ahead step up to a MIG welder for less mess and more control.

The Hobart Handler® 140 Flux-Cored/MIG Welder is a compact wire-feed MIG welder designed to run on 115V household power. The generous operating parameters allow you to weld thin gauge steel (24-ga.) up to 1/4in. steel plate. The Handler 140 is easy to set up and runs flux-cored steel, solid, and aluminum wire. Plus it is extremely versatile and perfect for the welder who wants to work on auto body, household repairs, or even farm projects requiring extra power. Comes ready to weld with or without shielding gas; no additional kits are required.

Plus it’s made in the USA!

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