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Huemer Obsterntetechnik – Type 1500 Fruit Collector

Type 1500

Do you have a small commercial orchard?

Unfortunately, most harvesting equipment is tens of thousands of dollars.

Fruit collectors from Huemer Obsterntetechnik (fruit harvesting technology) are made with you in mind.  And now for the first time, they are now available in North America.

The Huemer Type 15oo Attachable Fruit Collector is made to be pushed by a small tractor for quickly and easily collecting fruit for pressing. It has a working width of 4.6 feet and lifts fruit into three 5-gallon buckets. The height can be adjusted depending on the size of the fruit and the ground, automatically reducing the amount of energy required.

The steering handle and bolt drum were devised to be vertically adjustable to make picking up the fruit with diameters of 2 to 6 inches easy. Designed and built with no wear parts, it’s ideal for smaller commercial orchards.

You didn’t start an orchard for the painfully physical exertion, did you?

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