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Huemer – Type 600 S Fruit Collector

600 S Fruit Collector

If you have a few pear or apple trees don’t let the dropped fruit go to waste.

Worse than the waste, leaving it on the ground is detrimental to the health of the trees.

But picking it up by hand is detrimental to your health.

Huemer Type 600S Fruit Collector is made to easily collect fruit for pressing. It has a working width of 18 inches and lifts fruit into a 5-gallon bucket. Reducing the amount of energy required.
The Type 600S has two 24-inch full-cushion tires for easy to handling and use on hillsides. Since this is the entry-level model the drum height is NOT adjustable. Manufactured by Huemer Obsterntetechnik (fruit harvesting technology) in Austria, Ruralistic is their US import partner.

Improve your health, improve your harvest. Get Obsterntetchnik.

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