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Husky – 10-Compartment Interlocking Small Parts Organizer

Huske 10 Bin Organizer

It’s nice that screws and nails come in cardboard boxes.

What’s more fun than picking up a shitload of nails off the ground after the bottom falls out?

Sure, you could put them in a storage bin, but you can’t ever tell what’s in a traditional storage bin. And the wall-mounted ones make it a pain to take more than a bin or two with you at a time. 

But those single bins are bound to tip over, and then the fun begins….

Sort your nails, screws, and nuts once with the Husky 10-Compartment Interlocking Small Parts Organizer – a major step forward in storage systems. It’s constructed with durable polypropylene for a long lifespan. The clear lid let’s you see your little nuts without opening the lid.

Have a lot of things to organize? No problem. The storage cases can easily stack and lock together. You can expand to as many cases as you need to keep all your bits and pieces in one spot. 

Internally there are two sizes of storage bins that are removable, so taking one bin with you to the job site is easy.

Plus you’re bound to kick over that single bin, and that’s when the fun begins…

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