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Husky – Adjustable Height Work Table

Husky - Adjustable Height Work Table

When setting up your work area, you could build a bench in place.

But depending on the project it’s never at the right height.

Being to adjust your work height for comfort will make any project more enjoyable.

The Husky Work Table’s contemporary, adjustable-height feature allows you to have the flexibility to sit or stand while working. There are health benefits to alternating between standing and sitting throughout the day because it both decreases body discomfort and increases blood flow. The ergonomic design could also reduce eye and back strain and boost your productivity.

This work table has plenty of uses around the home, office, hobby room or garage. It is designed with a 300 lb. load capacity and an overhang so that you can easily attach your vise-grips or clamps while working on a project. Table height adjusts from a 26 in. to a 42 in. in height. Steel frame construction with a powder-coated finish to resist rust and corrosion.

At your age, the last thing your back needs is to be hunched over a workbench.

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