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ICON – 56 in. x 25 in. Professional Roll Cab

ICON - 56 in. x 25 in. Professional Roll Cab

You might not be a professional mechanic, but if you love working on classic cars, race cars, old tractors, or off-road trucks then you deserve a professional-grade tool cabinet. You just don’t need to spend professional prices to get one.

The ICON 56 in. x 25 in. Professional Roll Cab is built with the strongest steel and precision reinforced welds. Every ICON™ cabinet features a double-wall steel frame for ultimate strength. Industry-leading 16-gauge top and outside panels prevent dents and withstand the demands of daily use, and 18-gauge inside panels evenly support drawer and slide weight. With a staggering 8,000-pound capacity, ICON™ roller cabinets are more than double the overall weight capacity of comparably sized Snap-On cabinets, yet half the price. Comes with a lifetime warranty and a full line of replacement parts are available.

Fully modular with additional pieces available so you can upgrade as needed.

“I was in Harbor Freight last weekend and these things are really nice. The drawers slide like butter, I am blown away by the quality.” – Craig

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