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InstaFire –  Fire Starter 1-Gallon Shaker

InstaFire - Fire Starter 1-Gallon Shaker

Everyone loves a real wood bonfire. Making smores, roasting hotdogs, and enjoying the company of friends are all the better around a bonfire. But getting one started can be a chore. Especially if the wood is wet or it’s windy out. InstaFire is a Ruralistic favorite product and has been tested repeatedly in all kinds of conditions. If you want your bonfire lit in minutes, get InstaFire.

InstaFire Fire Starter 1-Gallon Shaker lights up to 125 fires. It’s the easiest way to light your bonfires. One match lights a roaring flame in seconds and stays lit for 10-15 minutes. InstaFire can withstand winds of up to 30 mph once lit. It will even light wet wood. Non-toxic. Store anywhere. Sparks will not set it off.

Less than $0.25 cents to start a fire in a few minutes!

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