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InstaFire – Fire Starter Pack

instafire FIRE STARTER pack

There is nothing better than relaxing by a real wood-burning fire.

Excpecially if you are hiking and camping in the backwoods.

But starter fluid is dangerous and who has time to make their own fire starter?

InstaFire Fire Starter packets are the outdoorsman’s dream fire starter. They will be your go-to fire-starting tool in almost any condition. Each waterproof pouch weighs less than 2 ounces and is perfect for backpacking, snowmobiling, or emergencies. It burns on water, snow, and ice in up to 30 mph winds. And contains no harmful chemicals, it’s odorless and safe to store near food.

As seen on Shark Tank, each packet can start up to 4 fires depending on the size and moisture content of the wood you are starting with. For drier smaller wood, it takes as little as a quarter of the pouch. If you get 2 fires per pouch that’s less than a dollar a fire for a fast, easy starting fire!

InstaFire won’t flare up, unlike your spouse when the fire won’t light.

“Used this at Cub Scout camp and it worked even better than I thought it would. We had a fire in minutes and all the other parents were asking what it was and where to get it.” – Craig

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