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Ironton – Adjustable Steel Sawhorse

Ironton - Adjustable Steel Sawhorse

A sawbuck is a sawhorse that makes it easy to cut wood.

If you’ve ever spent a few hours bent over cutting firewood on the ground, then a few days with your back out, a sawhorse is a must.

You could build one out of lumber, but for the price of this one, get to work cutting wood.

The Ironton® Adjustable Steel Sawhorse has serrated jaws that hold logs securely, making it ideal for cutting logs with a chainsaw. A side connection bar helps keep the sawbuck stable. Holds logs up to 10in. in diameter logs and up to 330 lbs. Reviews say it takes about 30-40 minutes to assemble, but it will take you longer to build one out of wood. Plus you won’t be able to fold up your home-built one for easy storage.

This will save you money and your back.

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