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Jackery – Explorer Portable Power Station

Jackery - Explorer Portable Power Station

Face it, you can’t do anything without electronic devices. What about sleep? Nope, you need your CPAP. And at a tailgate who wants to hear a generator running. Get your power quietly and cleanly with a portable power station.

The JACKERY Explorer Portable Power Station provides 550 Wh of power with 500W continuous and 1000W peak output to handle your most demanding portable power needs. This portable outdoor power station is equipped with a lithium-ion battery that operates without gas, toxic fumes, noise or vibration. It charges up to 8 different devices simultaneously including mini fridges, mobile phones, drones, laptops, tablets, blenders, cameras, and more. Choose from three recharging options: solar panel, AC outlet, and car outlet. The Built-in MPPT controller adds up to 23% more solar recharging efficiency.

Perfect for camping, road trips, tailgating, festivals, or holidays at your parents.

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