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Keter – Breeze Bar Outdoor Side Table Cooler

Keter - Breeze Bar Outdoor Side Table Cooler

When you live a little up the road you might have to incentivize your friends and family to visit from the towns then know. A good garden party is just the thing. And if you want your acreage parties to be known as where it’s at, get a Keter side table and a cooler bar.

The Keter Breeze Bar Outdoor Side Table Cooler is a 2-in-1 beverage & snack station. Perfect for jives and jamborees or weekend get-togethers and family celebrations. The Breeze Bar features a large open ice compartment for keeping wine, beer, and soft drinks chilled and within easy reach for your guest. It has a serving station that is perfect for placing drinks and snacks. The 17-gallon standing cooler can hold up to one hundred thirty 12-ounce cans or 65 bottles along with ice to keep them cold. The bar cooler has a convenient drain plug on the bottom for easy draining and cleanup, and the top quickly lowers for compact storage.

I got a Keterside table and cooler bar, bottles and cans, just clap your hands.

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