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KettlePizza – Gas Pro Deluxe Pizza Oven Kit

KettlePizza - Gas Pro Deluxe Pizza Oven Kit

Want that open-fire pizza oven taste without investing in a full-blown pizza oven?

The KettlePizza Gas Pro Deluxe Pizza Oven Kit transforms your gas grill into a pizza oven. The stainless steel enclosure and cordierite pizza stone sits on top of your grill grates to create a convection oven. This kit is intended for grills with at least 3 burners and a minimum cooking area of 24 inches wide by 17 inches deep. The pizza stone will give your pizza a crispy bottom crust, while the stainless steel enclosure traps heat to properly brown and cook the top. Easily and safely place and retrieve your pizza with the included grill gloves and wooden pizza peel. A high-temperature thermometer is also included that attaches to the enclosure.

Get more use out of your gas grill and crispy, tasty pizza!

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