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Kindling Cracker – King Firewood Splitter

Kindling Cracker - King Firewood Splitter

This is the time of year when you can’t beat a roaring fire. Whether it is outside in your fire pit or inside at the fireplace a cozy fire on a cold day is a great way to relax. But using an axe to split kindling can be really dangerous. Now you have the option to make kindling safely and easily, even if you logs are larger.

The Kindling Cracker™ King Firewood Splitter allows you to split even larger firewood the fast, easy, and safe way. Made of solid cast iron, the splitting wedge is set inside the patented 9in. inside dia. safety ring, never allowing your fingers near the blade. To split a piece of wood, place it inside of the frame and strike it with a maul, it’s the perfect way to make the best kindling for your fire.

Splits firewood with less force than a standard axe.

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