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King Kooker – Propane Turkey Fryer

King Kooker - Propane Outdoor Fry Boil Package

It’s likely your Thanksgiving feast is going to be outdoors this year. So why not give everyone a show, a turkey fryer is great for that.

Fill this thing to the brim with oil and when you drop in your turkey, boom! Huge fireball.

Actually don’t do that. Measure your oil carefully and set this up away from anything flammable, you’ll be fine.

The King Kooker Portable Propane Outdoor Fryer Boil combo will cook up to a 20-pound turkey outdoors to a crispy golden brown. The 12-inch portable propane outdoor cooker has a high pressure 33, 000 BTU cast burner and the package includes a large 29-quart aluminum turkey pot with lid, and punched aluminum basket for boiling! The package also includes a turkey rack and lifting hook, and an 11-quart aluminum fry pan with basket and heat resistant handle. Use the deep-fry thermometer to monitor the temperature of the oil and adjust the flame with the adjustable regulator with battery operated timer.

For the price, it’s perfect for using a couple of times a year.

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