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Kong Genius – Mike & Leo

Kong Genius Leo Mike

Let’s be honest, your dog is no genius, but if your best pal is a chewer, then this is the toy to get.

Too many dog chew toys don’t last and you’re stuck picking up the pieces, or worse, a vet bill.

The KONG Genius Mike is named in honor of Michelangelo. And like the master’s works of art, this dog toy stands the test of time. Designed to stimulate a dog’s curiosity and hold its’ attention, this toy is great for helping to combat boredom and separation anxiety and can be used as a treat-dispensing toy.

It can be used on its’ own or connected to the Genius Leo for an increased challenge. Genius toys are great for puppies and adult dogs alike. Recommended for dogs 15 pounds to 40 pounds.

A dog yakking up chewed toy parts in the middle of the night is no joke, neither is the Kong Genius line of toys.

“Over the past 10 years, two Great Danes, and a Double Doodle, the Mike is the only dog toy out of dozens that haven’t been destroyed. Our last Dane ate the top of the Leo. But he also ate a frozen steak in one bite so….” – Craig

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