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Kool Products – Flexible Spout 3 Pack

Kool Products - Flexible Spout 3 Pack

If you’ve bought a gas can in the last 10 years, we know you hate it.

You hate the safety spouts that never work properly. That takes forever to fill up with. That frankly just doesn’t work.

Well, now you can make that gas can work great again.

Kool Products – Flexible Spout is a universal spout kit. It replaces the hard to use auto-shutoff spouts that come standard on most gas cans. It comes with a flame arrestor metal screen, caps, and vent kit.

This high flow replacement features an 11″ Spout extension for those hard to reach tanks. Compatible with most gas cans and its manufactured in the United States.

Make gas cans great again. That should be on a hat.

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