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Kurgo – Wander Bench Seat Cover

Kurgo - Wander Bench Seat Cover

If your best friend goes everywhere with you, then you know that keeping your vehicle clean is a chore.

And your friends and family don’t want to sit in dog hair and paw prints.

Protect your vehicle, simplify keeping it clean, and make the back seat more comfortable for your dog.

The Kurgo Wander Bench Seat Cover is both waterproof and stain-resistant. Protecting your car and making it simpler to keep it clean. But a seat cover is only as good as its ability to, you know, actually stay on the seat, so they’ve included top, middle, rear and under-seat attachments to keep it from slipping off.

Easy on, easy off, plus handy pockets for treats and toys—the dog’s, or yours. Fits standard Bench Seats that are 55” wide. Comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Keep whatever your pet rolled in from becoming a permanent part of your ride.

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