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Live Earth – Soil Conditioner

Live Earth Soil Conditioner

If you live in a newer house it’s likely the soil used to fill around the house is poor quality.

Or perhaps you just want to take your flowers or garden to the next level.

Either way, improve your soil and plant growth with one of the best soil conditioners around.

Humate Soil Conditioner from Live Earth features 100% granulated humic shale ore direct from our mine in Utah. This organic soil additive provides minerals and essential organic acids needed to develop healthy lawn and garden soils.

Used by top gardeners and turf professionals around the globe, our Humate Soil Conditioner adds humic acid to your soil, creating the perfect environment for your lawn and garden to grow and thrive. Humate Soil Conditioner will Increase your plant’s ability to uptake nutrients and water. It will develop a healthier, stronger root system, creating a lush, green lawn vibrant, and healthy garden.

The Rose Bowl uses it, you should too.

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