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Lock ‘N’ Roll – Articulating Trailer Hitch

Lock ‘N’ Roll - Articulating Trailer Hitch

When you are off-roading and pulling a trailer, a standard hitch can doesn’t provide enough axis of movement. Pintle hitches can thunk and jerk putting stress on the trailer and vehicle. A tight-fitting hitch will make your back-country adventures more enjoyable.

The Lock ‘N’ Roll® articulating trailer hitch is the most versatile on-road, off-road hitch on the market. Utilizing 3 axis of movement including 360 degrees of rotation and a unique locking mechanism. Lock ‘N’ Roll Trailer Hitches are smoother operating and safer than any other type of hitch. The hitch provides a very tight, close-fitting connection that eliminates “thunk & jerk” action of conventional hitches. The 360-degree rotation, along with the left to right and up and down articulation allows fantastic maneuverability, especially when backing a trailer around a corner and into a tight spot.

Possibly the best off-road hitch in the world.

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