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Luminar Outdoor – 18 Ft. LED Linkable Rope Light, Warm White

Luminar Outdoor - 18 Ft. LED Linkable Rope Light, Warm White

If you love spending time in your backyard, this time of year can limit those opportunities. Take back your favorite spot with additional accent lighting and continue to enjoy your space even after dark.

The LUMINAR OUTDOOR™ Rope Light is the perfect solution for any accent lighting project – indoors or out! Featuring an 18 ft. strand of warm white LEDs surrounded by a clear weather-resistant PVC jacket, this rope light is suited for nearly any indoor or outdoor environment. AC power means this rope light can be used in permanent applications such as railing lights, garden bed borders, under cabinet/counter lighting, tree trunks, commercial applications like awnings and bars…anything! This plug-in rope light is also a perfect replacement for older incandescent rope lights, saving energy costs up to 85%. Each rope light has the ability to connect additional strands, up to 16 sets (288 ft.) in total!

Great for accenting retaining walls too!

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