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Maintainer Rake – 21″ Multi-Purpose Debris Rake

Maintainer Rake

Spring yard cleanup is a chore nobody likes.

Sure, you’re raking it in at work, but the lawn care company wants a fortune to clean beds and get the rock back on the driveway. Well, for that kind of money, you should get a full-time property manager.

Luckily, with the Maintainer All-Purpose Lawn and Garden Debris Rake, you’ll make quick work of spring lawn cleanup.

It’s excellent for any light cleanup work you need to do. The plastic molded frame’s galvanized spring wire teeth literally grab everything in its’ path. It’s great for cleaning up flower beds, removing debris, and freshening up mulch.

Use it to get driveway rock out of the lawn and cleaning up pine needles. Have a small pond with a beach? It’ll keep it looking great. Made in the USA, it has replaceable tines and a foam cushion grip.

While this thing makes any raking job easier, no doubt your kids will still complain when you put them to work.

“I love this for cleaning up around flower beds; works great on leaves. It’s not too aggressive. Mulch stays in place. It doesn’t work great on larger driveway rock or heavy materials though.” -Craig

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