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Maui Jim – Byron Bay

Maui Jim, Byron Bay

Ya, ya, all sunglasses are the same. Just give me a cheap pair so when I break them, it won’t destroy my world.

Let’s be honest, those cheap shades, they don’t look good. But you’ve been burned by the “hut” when those expensive aviators fell apart.

Most “luxury” brand sunglasses are made by the same people making the cheap ones, so it’s no wonder you can’t tell the difference.

Maui Jim is 100% independent and privately-owned with headquarters in the United States. They back their glasses with a 2-year manufacturer warranty and deliver a personal and consistent customer experience that their customers rave about.

The Byron Bay in matte black rubber is built to withstand any level of activity. It’s perfect for working on your property, four-wheeling, or boating.

Maui Jim’s PolarizedPlus2 lens technology goes beyond shielding your eyes from glare and harmful UV rays. It enhances colors, sheds water, and repels grease. Made from their SuperThin Glass, it provides crisp optics and is scratch resistant. This reduces fatigue and eye strain for extreme comfort and extended wear time.

It’s rare you find a brand that people love and recommend as much as Maui Jim.

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