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Mechanix Wear – Leather FastFit Glove

Mechanix Wear - Leather FastFit

If you spend most of your day at a computer and then work around your property, you’re going to get blisters.

Even light work like mowing can take its toll.

You need a pair of gloves that’s like a second skin – comfortable to wear and won’t create more hotspots and blisters. You know, just like that free pair you got from your insurance man…

The Mechanix Wear FastFit Glove is lightweight for general all-around work. Comfortable enough to wear all day. It even works with a smartphone. Genuine leather gives you a better sense of feel and better protection.

With a stretch elastic cuff for easy on-and-off and no velcro closures to snag on your dry-fit work shirts, the FastFit leather conforms to your hand while the breathable TrekDry back will keep you cool and comfortable. When the job is done, just toss them in the wash for a fresh st art to the work weekend.

Whether you’re an office jockey or executive, don’t roll into Monday’s status update meeting with hamburger hands.

“These are my go-to work glove. I wear them all the time. You’ll need a heavier glove for cold weather, working with hot stuff, or clearing brush with stickers. Definitely do not wear these when working with brambles or Japanese Hops.” – Craig

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