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MEG-MO – Rotary Mulching Blades

MEG-MO - Rotary Mulching Blades

The least favorite part of mowing is keeping the blades sharp. It’s a time-consuming hassle. But dull blades mean slower mowing, a rougher cut that can damage lawns, and a look that isn’t ideal. Now there is a way to get great results with less maintenance.

MEG-MO – Rotary Mulching Blades are high-performance replacement blades that do more work for all mowers. They are available for all mower types, walk behind, tractor, zero-turn and pull behind. The steel is 8x harder than traditional blades which means less time sharpening. Since the cutting knives pivot away from obstacles you will not get bent blades or damaged spindles if you hit an obstacle. This results in 2x more cutting edge, better discharge and the clippings disappear with no lumps or clumps.

No bagging, no racking, and less time sharpening blades to have a carpet smooth lawn.

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