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Midwest Labs – Soil Tests

Lawn and Garden Soil Tests from Midwest Laboratory

Do you apply fertilizer every year, yet your plants aren’t doing well?

Stop adding fertilizer to your garden unless you know what the soil needs.

You need to know what your soil is lacking in fertilizer for healthy plants.

The Lawn and Garden Soil Tests from Midwest Laboratory will take the guesswork out of fertilizing your plants. This test gives a foundation of information that can be useful in dictating which nutrients are available and which are not. Includes Organic Matter, Nitrate-N, Phosphorus, Potassium, pH, Magnesium, Calcium, Sodium, Soluble Salts, CaCO3, Buffer Index, Cation Exchange Capacity.

Without soil testing, you may end up over- or under fertilizing, resulting in an imbalance of soil nutrients, unhealthy plant, and excess nutrients in water sources. Lab tests are more accurate than over-the-counter test kits. Midwest Lab’s tests provide specific suggestions on fertilizer and other amendments based on what you want to plant, whether it’s flowers, vegetables, turf or trees.

Use the lab the pros use to grow great looking plants.

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