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Monarch – MK-V

Monarch - MK-V

You already know how great battery-powered chainsaws and mowers are. Imagine having a battery-powered tractor to manage your orchard or vineyard on your acreage. No oil changes, no fuel, just clean quiet starting, every time.

The MK-V has an industry-leading battery runtime of 10+ hours. And for those days that require operations to extend into the night, our simple-to-use battery swap cart makes 24-hour operation a reality. Batteries are charged in 4-5 hours and require 240-volt service. The MK-V battery-powered tractor puts out 40-70 peak HP. In addition to having a Cat I/II three-point hitch, the MK-V comes standard with hydraulic top and side links, so hooking up to any one of your current implements is painless.

The MK-V becomes a portable generator— providing you with power to every part of your property.


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