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Muck Boots – Men’s Outscape Slip On

Muck Boots - Men's Outscape Slip On

Just because you are working in your garden, or yard, doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable. You don’t have to clomp around in work boots to have dry feet. Throw out those old sneakers. They don’t keep your feet dry and they aren’t made for work.

The Muck Boots Men’s Outscape Slip On is a lightweight, 100% waterproof slip on shoe, designed to keep you comfortable and enable you to get more done every day. Made from Muckskin flexible neoprene with abrasion resistant rubber coating. It has a Guarden rubber toe and heel for durability and extended wear. The breathable mesh lining facilitates air circulation to improve comfort and reduce heat and moisture. The shovel-ready nylon shank for added stability when using garden tools.

Getting more done, more comfortably, yes, please!

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