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Muff Waders – Waders

Muff Waders - Waders

Just because it’s getting cold outside doesn’t mean your outdoor activities end. Whether you are taking care of livestock like chickens and horses or hunting, fishing or just relaxing in the backyard, when it’s cold, you need insulated overalls. But not any overalls, overalls with a built-in cooler.

Muff Waders are the only bibs made for work AND play! The main feature is the insulated 6-pack cooler located on the chest that holds 12 oz cans & bottles. The metal bottle opener located near the top of the bibs pairs with the Muff Mug (Magnetic ZipSip) so you can go hands-free. A hidden concealed pocket on the inside of the upper chest allows you to store valuable items. Deep side pockets on each leg give you space to carry larger items. Use these features for drinks, or use the pockets for outside activities. These Muff Waders are made for you to work outdoors AND be the life of the party.

Created in Iowa and featured On Shark Tank!

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