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Nature Hills – Golden Elderberry

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When you live on an acreage, you can’t just plant any shrub you want.

Some get decimated by deer and rabbits. Others require so much care you’ll give up on them.

The Nature Hills Golden Elderberry is a fast-growing and hardy shrub with a lot of ornamental interest, but requiring little or no care. They’ll look outstanding in your yard as a shrub border or in a naturalized area. The foliage features a yellow to golden-green hue that will maintain its color throughout the season.

The fragrant, star-shaped tiny blossoms cluster together to form flat-topped bouquets in spring, which can be made into wine. As summer progresses into fall, the red drupes ripen, awaiting your harvest (or that of your yard’s wildlife). The fruit makes outstanding pies, jam, and wine or can be left on the shrub for the nutritional value it holds for wildlife into the winter months.

Elderberries are versatile and can grow almost anywhere that is easy to manage

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