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Nature Hills Nursery – Weeping Norway Spruce

Nature Hills Nursery - Weeping Norway Spruce

Say what you will about Dr. Suess, that guy could draw some wild trees.

You’ll get more enjoyment as you relax with interesting trees in your landscape. And you can add Suess-like whimsy to your outdoor spaces with some weeping trees.

The Weeping Norway Spruce is always a standout and is to bring attention to any planting area. The Nature Hills experts have carefully trained this beautiful tree on a 4-5 foot main trunk. Keep it staked to shape a more vertical presentation.  It’s easily grown to a tall, narrow plant. Or, remove the stake and let it become a marvelous ground cover that deer don’t like. As it grows, you can bring out your inner sculptor and shape it as you like. Help the dark green, trailing branches grow and spread into your perfect vision. A single specimen stays small enough to look amazing in courtyards or at the corner of a bungalow foundation planting. On larger properties, use several for an effective privacy screen. Grows in zones 3-8, full sun or partial shade, rugged and easy to care for.

Add rich deep color and eye-catching, exciting growth with this accent tree.

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