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Nature’s Mace – Rabbit MACE 1 Gallon Concentrate

Natures Mace - Rabbit MACE 1 Gallon Concentrate

If you have young shrubs trees and plants that are not protected, you can guarantee that rabbits will be dining on them this fall and winter. Save your expensive landscaping plants from being damaged by rodents.

Rabbit MACE 1 Gallon Concentrate is manufactured with premium natural ingredients, and is safe for family, pets, plants, and the environment! Rabbit MACE is biodegradable, non-toxic, and incredibly easy to use. Its formula incorporates a proprietary time-released, sticking agent technology proven to dramatically increase product duration and effectiveness (in any weather condition). Rabbit Mace has superior adhesion to plants, protecting longer and providing the most effective protection. This product will not easily wash off. Does NOT leave a film, stain, or discolor plants or siding.
Rabbits naturally avoid Rabbit Mace’s fear, scent, and taste-based technology, so the effectiveness will always work by triggering their naturally instinctive flight response. With regular application, on a 7 to 10-day rotation, you’ll save shrubs, trees, and vegetables by teaching rabbits to stay clear of landscaped and garden areas.

Backed by their 100% Guarantee! Try Today Risk-Free!

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