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NEOS – Adventurer™ Overshoe

NEOS - Adventurer™ Overshoe

Acreage living means sometimes having to walk through mud, water, snow, and more. There are times when you don’t have work boots with you, or you’d rather not get them soaked in mud. But who wants to wear your grandma’s old galoshes? Those old rubber five buckle overshoes are too hard to get on and off.

The NEOS Adventurer™ features an extra-wide opening gusset to easily slide on and off over shoes and boots. Designed to be worn right over your everyday footwear, they are lightweight for easy long treks while providing protection for your shoes. The innovative sole design delivers outstanding traction indoors and out. The uppers are made of highly durable Nylon which has been specially constructed inside and out to provide 100% waterproof protection. They are 15 in tall to protect your pant legs too.

Simple to slip on and off, protects your favorite shoes from the cold, rain, snow, or slush.

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